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2023 Calendar

Featuring your Sunshine Beagle buddies!

100% of the proceeds will be donated to our adoptable beagles and rescue work!

Submissions Have Closed!

Thank you all so much for your sensational submissions!

Questions & Answers

"If I preoder my calendar, when will I receive it?"

We'll have it for you at our next event (Walk Fur Life on Jan. 14th!). If you can't make it, contact us to coordinate.

"When do I have to place my preorder by?"

December 31st at 7 PM ET! We'll be placing the bulk print order for them that same night, so don't delay!

"I'm outside of South Florida but totally want one! Can I still order?"

Of course! Just pay shipping.

"Is there a maximum number I can buy? I want to gift them to all my friends!"

Nope! Go nuts!

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