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2024 Yearbook

We're so excited to put together our second Sunshine Beagles Yearbook!

Featuring all your beagle buddies!

100% of the proceeds supports the ongoing care of our adoptable beagles!

How to Get Featured?

Submit a photo of your beagle, portrait style!

To take the right photo:

  • Have them sit and directly face the camera.

  • Take the photo from their eye level, not from above nor from below.

  • Make sure they have enough light on their face, and minimal shadows.

  • Don't take it from too close or too far.

  • Avoid busy backgrounds.

  • They can be wearing whatever they like, or nothing at all!

  • Please, no blurry or low resolution photos.

Check out these examples!

Yearbook Examples.png

The deadline for submission is May 31st. Don't delay!

Questions & Answers

"What if I have more than one beagle?"

Please complete a separate submission for each of them!

"I have a photo I like but I'm not sure it will work, what should I do?"

You can email us the pic at or send us a DM on Instagram, and we'll let you know!

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