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Big Dog Ranch Rescue

My name is Dozer.

I am a male, brown Beagle.

Age: I am a bit older but have lots of love to give

Hey, you out there...this is me, Dozer winking at you. I am a sweet (a little bit chunky) Beagle boy who was unfortunately surrendered to an animal shelter in Georgia. However, I and some fellow fur friends made our way to Big Dog Ranch to find our FURever home. I have found some great walking friends here at the Ranch and I enjoy our outings very much. I love to sniff and smell so please let me enjoy that when we are out. If you have a yard, I have been known to do some zoomies to burn energy. I'm a squishy snuggly boy and I love to take breaks and just cuddle up to my person. I'm very friendly with kids and most other dogs. I have been a little fussy about who my fur friends are at times so meet and greets are important. Some of my bunkmates have come and gone but I seem to still be here for some reason. I appreciate a good nap too after my walks if you need a nap buddy. If you'd like both a walking buddy, and then a nap buddy, come on down to the Ranch and see me. I am waiting for you. Wink wink!

(561) 791-6467

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