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Puppy Pleasers Rescue

Age: 3yrs. Weight: 35lbs.

Rainbow is an aussie half tail. Super sweet and adorable! She loves attention. Rainbow came in from a shelter with her pups. She still acts young herself. She is very lively at times and is always happy to run around the yard. Sadly it is suspected that this sweet girl had been regularly hit on top of the head. She flinches a little when your hand is lifted or if anything is tossed anywhere in her direction. Also recently discovered is that while in the car, she ducks every time going under a bridge or a highway sign. There is no telling what this precious girl has experienced, but she manages to be the sweetest pup still. She is typically a happy girl and is definitely very smart. She learned her name in one day! She usually comes when called, also. She does fairly well with her baths (it took her only a minute to be comfortable with it). As far as eating, she seems to be a grazer so her food is left out for her to eat at her will. Currently, she is on Blue Buffalo. She does enjoy all treats, too!

Rainbow would make a great companion for someone who needs a best friend. I'm not sure how he is with kids but she would probably appreciate an adult home the best. She is fine with dogs if they aren't hyper or bothersome. but may take a moment to warm up, depending on their size and temperament. Once she sees they are calm and friendly, she loosens up then will go about her business. She seems to not care just yet about winning over any 4-legged friends but prefers to explore and hang with her caretaker. However, she has made a playmate out of a young German Shepherd in her foster home. She did fine with the cat in her previous home.

She is pretty independent, though, and enjoys laying in peace in the sun... and even rolling around for her daily full-body tanning. Sometimes she will grab a toy for a very short play session.

Her ideal home would be an adult home where there aren't too many visitors. She had previously gotten adopted and she seemed to not do well with a few of the visitors that came over...which was very surprising. But this was after some time so maybe she just gets protective after a while. Maybe a trainer on-hand will help with understanding this. She does dig some so leaving her unattended for too long outside is not recommend (although she does not try to escape - she does it for lounging purposes). She spends a lot of time outdoors so a fenced yard is best, however, keep an eye on her in case she happens to decide digging out for a short adventure is fun.

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