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2023 Yearbook

We're so excited to put together our first ever Sunshine Beagles Yearbook!

Featuring all your beagle buddies!

100% of the proceeds will be donated to Rocky & Reese's care & treatment!

How to Get Featured?

Submit a photo of your beagle, portrait style!

To take the right photo:

  • Have them sit and directly face the camera.

  • Take the photo from their eye level, not from above nor from below.

  • Make sure they have enough light on their face, and minimal shadows.

  • Don't take it from too close or too far.

  • Avoid busy backgrounds.

  • They can be wearing whatever they like, or nothing at all!

  • Please, no blurry or low resolution photos.

Check out these examples!

Yearbook Examples.png

The deadline for submission is June 15th. Don't delay!

Preorders are now open! Order early to get our sale price!

Questions & Answers

"What if I have more than one beagle?"

Please complete a separate submission for each of them!

"I have a photo I like but I'm not sure it will work, what should I do?"

You can email us the pic at or send us a DM on Instagram, and we'll let you know!

Pages by Pawrents

Pages by Pawrents will be half pages and quarter pages for pawrents to highlight their beagle babies! These pages can be used to celebrate a special moment, to wish your beagle congrats on an achievement, or to just show off how cute your beagle is! These are family friendly pages, no cupid-like posts!

Pages by Pawrents Cover.png
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