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2025 Calendar

Featuring your Sunshine Beagle buddies!

100% of the proceeds will be donated to our adoptable beagles and rescue work!

Calendars will be available to order in November.

How to Get Featured!

Submit a photo of your beagle matching the month's theme!

Submissions close on October 31st!

January - Winter.png
February - Valentine's Day.png
March - Spring.png
April - Earth Day.png
May - Mothers, Fathers & Family.png
June - Summer.png
July - Independence Day.png
August - Back to School.png
September - Fall.png
October - Halloween.png
November - Thanksgiving.png
December - Holiday.png

Questions & Answers

"If I submit photos for three different months, can I be featured for all of them?

We won't have any repeated featured beagles so everyone has a chance to shine!

"I want to submit five photos for five different months! Can I?"

In order for all of our beagle friends to have a chance to be featured, the limit is three photos/months.

"I have two beagles, does that mean I can submit six photos?"

The limit of three is per family, so every family has a chance to be featured.

"I only have one photo I want to submit, is that okay?"

Yes that's fine!

"Is it just beagles that can be in the photo?"

You can include your family! Just try not to have the photo too busy.

"How will photos be selected?"

Our calendar committee will be choosing based on creativity, theme elements, and resolution.

"When will the calendars be available to order?"

You will be able to preorder them sometime in November!

"Is there a maximum number I can buy? I want to gift them to all my friends!"

Nope! Go nuts!

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