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Sunshine Beagles is a Community That Cares

Our community incorporates charitable efforts into everything we do.

Whether it's through collecting pet items for shelters, raising funds for rescues, or volunteering, we are always seeking to give back to the greater community, and we do so in fun, creative ways.

Fundraising & Donations

We put the fun in fundraising!

We host fundraisers for various rescues across

South Florida through engaging and exciting activities.

Together, we've raised $4,875 in the year 2022 alone!

through our Beagle My Valentine! Raffle:

In February, we raised $575 for                                  

through our Mardi Growl accessory packages:

In March, we raised $700 for                                  

through our Planet Beagle fundraiser:

In April, we raised $1,400 for                                            

through our Mamas vs. Papas bandanas:

In May, we raised $200 for                                    

through our Beagles Break Free fundraiser:

In June, we raised $1,000 for                                            

by joining forces with other local breed communities:

In August, we raised $900 for                                                          

We've also collected pet food, beds, leashes and collars, toys, blankets and more for:

We continue to give back to the community as often and in as many ways as we can, all while having fun together.


We are a community of action!

Our group incorporates volunteering into our outreach, and we support various causes in order to make comprehensive, positive change within the world around us. Lend a hand and join us to be a part of the impact!

In May, we volunteered to help our May rescue of the month, Born Free Pet Shelter, and spent the day cleaning kennels, and meeting and playing with their adorable pups. If you are interested in volunteering, or adopting or fostering, please don't hesitate to reach out to them!

In honor of Earth Day, we hosted our first ever beach clean up!

We collected trash along the shoreline of Kennedy Park, and accrued 45 hours of community service for our helping hands!

We also provide support for our beagle parents in emergencies. We spread the word when a beagle is lost or found, and in July, our entire beagle community sprang to action, and tracked down and caught one of our very own beagle friends who was lost in the streets! His safe return would not have been possible without our search party volunteers and the overwhelming support of this beautiful community!

Stay tuned for more volunteering opportunities!

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