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Our Values

Sunshine Beagles is focused on making positive impacts within our community, both local and beyond. We seek to help animals in need, and raise awareness on animal welfare issues.

Our efforts are centered on two crucial practices:
Adopt Don't Shop & Cruelty-Free.

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Adopt Don't Shop

There are thousands of pups across South Florida needing homes. Shelters are often filled to capacity with loving, adoptable animals.

We strongly advocate for adoption for those seeking to bring another dog into their family. We work closely with South Florida rescues and shelters to help these pups find their forever homes.

If you are looking to add a furry family member, we strongly recommend signing up for:

or checking our list of available beagles:


Beagles make wonderful family members; they're friendly, docile, loyal, and generally healthy, but for these same great qualities, they are the number one breed of choice for animal testing. They make up a staggering 96% of the dogs tested on annually. Through these tests, they are tortured, burned with chemicals, horrifically injured, maimed, blinded, paralyzed, and indescribably emotionally scarred.

In order to fight the inhumanities of animal testing, we fervently promote using only cruelty-free products. Many of the cosmetics, household cleaners, hygienic products, and even some school supplies that you currently use could be tested on beagles. To check the cruelty-free status of a product, you can use the free resource, Beagle Freedom Project's Cruelty-Cutter App:

And follow our Sunshine Beagles Combatting Cruelty series:

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Community Guidelines

In consideration of our goals and values, our group does not allow any breeding arrangements to be done through our various platforms. Breeding practices not only contradict our animal welfare efforts, but are also highly regulated by law, requiring proper licensing. For the integrity and safety of our community, we ask that our members do not attempt or engage in any breeding discussions within our network.

We also ask that anyone interested in more pups consider adopting! There are many beagles (and other pups!) in need of loving homes. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with an inquiry about adoptable pups.

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