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Looking to adopt a beagle? Review our frequently asked questions!

Please note, if we do not have a pup in need of a home that matches your family and home environment, we will save your application for future opportunities.

What are your adoption fees?

Up to 12 months: $450

1 - 9 years: $350

10+ years: $250

What is the adoption process like?

Generally, our adoption process follows these steps:

Application received & reviewed

Interview conducted

Meet & greet takes place

Home check takes place

Adoption contract signed

Adoption fee received

Pup goes home

Some steps may be altered or added depending on the needs of the individual pup.

Can I meet the dog I'm interested in before applying?

Since our goal is to not only find a pup that fits what you're looking for, but also to find each pup a family that fits their own needs, we'd need your full application to determine whether we have a potential match on both ends. You can meet most of our adoptable beagles at our own monthly events, as well as events we attend as guests. Check our social media for more info on events!

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